Symphony of comfort and safety

The Symphony Knee seamlessly orchestrates and harmonizees stability of the stance phase and smoothness of the swing phase.

Mechanism for both safe and comfort

the world’s first 6-Bar Hydraulic Knee Joint

The Symphony knee is designed with the world’s first 6 Bar polycentric structure that provides an extermely high level of stability during stace phase.

Mechanism for both safe and comfortMechanism for both safe and comfort

Comfort of walking

The shock is absorbed with Stance-flexion at heel contact, and it makes walking comfortable.
Also a little knee bending recreates movement of knee, it seems to more natural gait.


Security even on stairs

The Symphony knee can be locked with Selective Lock Function whenever you want, it is safe when go down stairs.


Safe even on rough road

The Symphony knee is geometrically locked and knee buckling is prevented.
You feel safe even at rough road such as snowy road.
In addition, you can lock the knee by Selective Lock Function, if you want more safety in gardening or farming etc.


Assist in swing

The hydraulic cylinder system is responsible for gait speed, and the extension assist spring is responsible for holding the extended position to prevent buckling.
The combination of them provides a secure and comfortable swing.




I live in the cold area, so in the winter, I often shovel snow and walk on snowy road. For Symphony, because I can lock by myself, it is safe when it is snowing.


I have used various prosthetic knees and I have come to the Symphony knee.
I can walk naturally and work with it even in my field. It is useful.


What made me happiest was being able to go upstairs to my house and restart household work, such as hanging laundry out on the balcony. My husband did the housework while I was in the hospital, so I was happy to help my family again.


Name Symphony
Type NK-6 NK-6+L NK-6SH NK-6SH+L
Connector part
Pyramid Pyramid Threated Threated
Connector part
Option Selective Lock Selective Lock
Height 197mm 197mm 191mm 191mm
Knee weight 920g 970g 960g 1010g
Max. flexion 180°
Weight limit K3(MOB3):125kg(275lb), K4(MOB4):100kg(220lb)
Activity level K2-K3

KNEE Collection


The highest class in the 4-Bar knee joints.
The world’s first; 4-Bar linkage mechanism and microprocessor control knee.

Hybrid Knee

A highly accurate mechanical yielding function is embodied in the Hybrid Knee joint.

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