via iOS and Android smartphone

What will you try with The ALLUXTM2 Microprocessor Knee ?

The unique concept boasts a dual safety system with inherent polycentric stability factors and microprocessor control.
It would allow you to participate to various activities.

4 remarkable points based on the dual safty system


Safety and natural gait

The microprocessor controlled hydraulic cylinder provieds a smooth swing phase at various walking speeds.
Finely tuned response, coupled with the 4-Bar linkage, allows the user to walk with a natural gait.


Safe for stairs and slopes

The ALLUXTM2 Microprocessor Knee bents slowly while supporting body weight.
The stance yielding function allows users to smoothly walk down stairs and slopes step-over-step.


Enhanced safety for stumble recovery

ALLUXTM2 constantly monitors the knee position and mvement and responds to abnormal situations.
For instance, if the prosthesis gets stuck on an this adverse event and immediately increase resistance to prevent knee buckling.


Low Profile for Long residual libs

While the user is seated, the 4-Bar linkage folds under itself and allows for a more natural sitting position.


Selecting 5 different modes with a smartphone

With a Bluetooth connected smartphone,
the user can easily and conveniently select between up to five different pre-programmed modes to fit their current activty or enviroment for the highest level of versatility.

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In most case, we should change our lifestyle after amputation, but I did not need it with ALLUX. It is almost gone what I cannot do.


I like the smoothness at walking.
I may feel like before amputation well.

Gym instructor

ALLUX allows me to have the active part of my life-style but also feel like I am stable.
I am glad to have more time to play with energetic kids.


Name 4-Bar hydraulic microprocessor-controlled knee joint ALLUXTM2
Type NE-Z41 NE-Z41SH
Connector part (proximal) Pyramid Threated
Height 295mm 287mm
Knee weight 1,510g 1,520g
Max. flexion 180°
Weight limit K3(MOB3):125kg(275lb)
Battery Lithum ion battery
Battery life approx. 4 days (5000 steps per day on prosthetic side)
Supplemental backup battery Lithium ion battery
Water resistance IP44
Activity level K2-K4
Communication Bluetooth
Application Remote Control App for Users (iOS/ Android)
Adjustment App for Prosthetists (iOS/ Android)

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

KNEE Collection


The Symphony Knee is designed with a unique,
6-Bar polycentric structure that provides an extremely high level of stability during stance phase.


A highly accurate mechanical yielding function is embodied in the Hybrid Knee joint.

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