Pursuit of the ultimate integration

The seamless integration of technology between the hydraulic system and microprocessor-controlled pneumatic system ensures optimal utilization of the benefits of each at the most effective moment in the gait cycle.

Mechanism for the ultimate integration


Stability and Comfort of walking

Mechanism of Reaction Force Sensing (MRS) system detects and measures the ground reaction force with each step and moderates the hydraulic pressure accordingly to allow smooth walking and prevent knee from unexpected bending.


Step Over Step

Of huge significance to every amputee is the ability to walk downstairs and inclines step over step.
Yielding resistance can be set to the exact needs of the user and allow comfortable walking on uneven terrain.


Able to walk with the flow of people

Microprocessor detects gait speed of user and automatically adjusts pneumatic pressure to match user’s cadence.


Lower Resistance & Lighter Swing

User has no need to swing residual limb strongly.
User is more comfortable and consumes less energy with each stride.



I have been using a prosthetic leg for 18 years. Through my work, I feel a sense of accomplishment that I am evolving despite my physical disability.

Ice Sledge Athlete

When I walked out of the hospital, I thought how not barrier-free it was, with little steps, roads that were not straight, etc. Nowadays I am used to my prosthetic leg and go about my daily life without problems, even on hills and such.


Name Hybrid Knee
Type NI-C311 NI-C311s NI-C313
Proximal connection Pyramid adapter Pyramid adapter Threated connector
Distal connection Tube clamp(φ34㎜)
Option extension assist spring
Height 296 296 292
Knee weight 1375g 1375g 1385g
Knee flexion angle 140°
Weight limit K3(MOB3):125kg(275lb), K4(MOB4):100kg(220lb)
ISO10328 P6(A-125)
Battery life Approximately 2 years
Activity level K2-K3

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

KNEE Collection


The highest class in the 4-Bar knee joints.
The world’s first; 4-Bar linkage mechanism and microprocessor control knee.


The Symphony Knee is designed with a unique,
6-Bar polycentric structure that provides an extremely high level of stability during stance phase.

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